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Name's Emmanuel, I'm 18. I love hockey, and I am a proud goalie for WOHS. Boston Bruins fan, and I am proud of it. Trying to get into OHL or AHL. Dream is to be NHL Goalie for the bruins! I'm in the The AFJROTC Mountaineer Squadron (NJ-20132). I'm a C/Capt and my tittle is Squadron Inspector General. Ask any question I will answer! :)Personal Quote: "Never Give Up, Never Back Down"

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All I’ve been doing. Is sleep, work, and then hours of doing errands. So I gave up on stuff. So yeah. I’m not funny. Or fun. Or good. Or amazing. I’m just a person. A boring person. Nothing special. So I’m gonna put a blanket over my head. And just sleep. Ignore the world.

I’m so tired. Got a long day ahead of me. Also good morning everyone. #life #busy #beard #people #errands #society #school

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